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Where Do Idioms Come From?

In his latest Mental Floss┬ávideo, John Green explores the various ways in which idioms came to be. For instance, do you know why the front passenger in a car is said to be riding ‘shotgun’? The answer? During the days of the Wild Wild West, traveling was very dangerous! To protect your stagecoach from robber barons and highwaymen alike, the passenger would often carry a shotgun!

Get your learn on and watch the whole video for an idiom inundated lesson in history.



Who Owns the Moon?

Blogger Michael Stevens of Youtube channel VSauce provides some interesting commentary on galactic real estate in his most recent video, “Who Owns the Moon?

[via Laughing Squid]

The 2020 Olympics will be AWESOME

While the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia still have some athletes and attendees worried about Russian anti-gay laws, the world was thrilled recently with the announcement of Tokyo as the home of 2020 Summer Olympics.

In the above video, Japanese group Enra combines contemporary dance with amazing multimedia video projections, resulting in a magical interactive dance experience. Tokyo is still 6+ years away, but this is getting us excited for what could be the most impressive opening ceremony since Beijing.

If you don’t remember the drum-beating, LED-fueled, insanely choreographed Beijing opening ceremony, here it is:

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