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Came across a fantastic new blog today

I’m not really sure who this “Dante DeFelice” character is, but he sure is a good-looking guy and he has one good-lookin’ blog! ! I used to live in the Hudson Valley as a wee lad and his upstate adventures have me yearning for greener pastures after spending all this time in the concrete jungle that is NYC.

I mean look at this guy!

My only question is who is this weird dude sleeping in the corner? ———————————↑

Anyway, this is definitely a blog I’ll be following.


The Goodnight Brother Extended Play

Goodnight Brother‘s new EP is an important step forward for the independent folk/rock band from the Hudson Valley. Following up the subtly powerful  “Collage for College”, The Goodnight Brother Extended Play  re-imagines and re-defines a selection of songs taken from their debut album.

The tracks are simultaneously stripped down and reinforced; new guitar and drum pieces drive the album with a surf-rock infused march, while a reduction of both acoustic and “toy” elements remove some the boyish excitement that served as a focal point in Collage.

The re-recorded tracks feature samples from “a 1989 Jack and the Beanstalk Burger King Kid’s Meal Cassette”  that possess the spectacular quality only found on tape. The fairy tale intros, despite being lighthearted and sunny, take on a grim independence that mirrors the lyrical content of the EP.

Dante DeFelice is the mind and mouth primarily at work behind Goodnight Brother, and here he voices a wider vocal spectrum than what we previously heard in Collage. Shy admissions in “Human Torch” preface a heart wrenching scream that closes out “Be The Serpent” before a catchy upbeat rework of “End of June.”

The Goodnight Brother Extended Play is available for free on Bandcamp and includes a promo video featuring tour footage that was produced specifically for the EP.

Goodnight Brother is expected to release their second full album in early 2014, and recently launched their Instagram account  which provide live clips, information about gigs and release dates, as well as previews from the upcoming album.

Facbook: Goodnight Brother
Instagram: GoodnightBrother

For information about booking or press inquiries, contact

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Islands EP by Tokyo Hands

Today’s daily dance around the webosphere brought me a delightfully varied EP by Brighton Based producer Tokyo Hands. “Islands” delivers 5 tracks each with its own crisp packet of claps, snaps, synths, cymbals, and samples. ‘Down 4 U’ plays like a downtempo trap track with crispy bass and a synthpop heart. Other tracks like ‘Letters’ are reminiscent of vacuous sparkling caverns and a touch of Pokemon Snap, while ‘Rainforests’ delivers tropical flavors like a mango smoothie with a shot of vodka.

Enjoy this one folks.

Review: Powerslug Presents Gigamesh and Penguin Prison at Le Poisson Rouge


One week ago I had the immense pleasure of seeing electronic producers and dance aficionados Gigamesh and Penguin Prison at Le Poisson Rouge hosted by NYC entertainment extraordinaires, Powerslug.


Penguin Prison

A late night that turned into an early morning, the show was an impeccable nonstop dance dream, bringing the some of the best tunes in indie dance, house, and nu-disco. Resident DJs Headband and Hooligan started everything off before Penguin Prison took the stage around midnight. With a passionate live vocal set, Penguin Prison kept the crowd alive delivering some of his classic remixes like Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans while also dropping RAC’s Hollywood which he is featured on.



Gigamesh hit the tables around 1:15 and pulled out all the stops without any hesitation. Playing classic after classic, “When You’re Dancing” (it may have been the RAC remix) brought the crowd to a frenzy and made the dance floor tighter and more wild than before. Rivaling the new hits were the two Talking Heads edits, “Once in a Lifetime” and “Psycho Killer” which really juiced up the classics and brought them to the club. Classic edits seemed to be a theme for Gigamesh as he wound down his set with his newly released Donna Summer “Bad Girls” remix, driving new energy into an already emblematic song. And JUST as we were about to head out the door, the riffs of an amped up Disco Inferno caught my ear and just like that we were sucked right back in for some last minute boogies.

It’s always wonderful to hear some real disco in a set today, as it is truly the original club music. Gigamesh continues his fall tour tonight in Nashville and will be in Chicago on October 11.

Keep up the great work Powerslug!

See all the photos of the madness from the night here


‘Muppet Mash’ by Pogo

Australian producer Nick Bertke, better known as Pogo, is well known for his musical remixes of popular TV shows and movies. His style is defined by glitched-out, sample-sliced rhythms taken right from the sounds and scenes of the film.

His newest track uses clips and sounds taken from Sesame Street and other shows featuring the Muppets.

Pogo has worked closely with Disney and Pixar to produce music to accompany many of their classic and newer movies. Some of his more popular mixes include “Alice” (from Alice in Wonderland), “Toyz Noize” (from Toy Story) and “Squarebob Spongemix” (from Spongebob Squarepants). Many more of his videos can be found on his youtube channel.

Bonus: Check out this advertisement created by Pogo and Jeesh that uses sounds from LG appliances.

Bonus Bonus: Jaaam, a Fresh Prince of Bel Air Remix

[via Tastefully Offensive]