Came across a fantastic new blog today

I’m not really sure who this “Dante DeFelice” character is, but he sure is a good-looking guy and he has one good-lookin’ blog! ! I used to live in the Hudson Valley as a wee lad and his upstate adventures have me yearning for greener pastures after spending all this time in the concrete jungle that is NYC.

I mean look at this guy!

My only question is who is this weird dude sleeping in the corner? ———————————↑

Anyway, this is definitely a blog I’ll be following.


The Goodnight Brother Extended Play

Goodnight Brother‘s new EP is an important step forward for the independent folk/rock band from the Hudson Valley. Following up the subtly powerful  “Collage for College”, The Goodnight Brother Extended Play  re-imagines and re-defines a selection of songs taken from their debut album.

The tracks are simultaneously stripped down and reinforced; new guitar and drum pieces drive the album with a surf-rock infused march, while a reduction of both acoustic and “toy” elements remove some the boyish excitement that served as a focal point in Collage.

The re-recorded tracks feature samples from “a 1989 Jack and the Beanstalk Burger King Kid’s Meal Cassette”  that possess the spectacular quality only found on tape. The fairy tale intros, despite being lighthearted and sunny, take on a grim independence that mirrors the lyrical content of the EP.

Dante DeFelice is the mind and mouth primarily at work behind Goodnight Brother, and here he voices a wider vocal spectrum than what we previously heard in Collage. Shy admissions in “Human Torch” preface a heart wrenching scream that closes out “Be The Serpent” before a catchy upbeat rework of “End of June.”

The Goodnight Brother Extended Play is available for free on Bandcamp and includes a promo video featuring tour footage that was produced specifically for the EP.

Goodnight Brother is expected to release their second full album in early 2014, and recently launched their Instagram account  which provide live clips, information about gigs and release dates, as well as previews from the upcoming album.

Facbook: Goodnight Brother
Instagram: GoodnightBrother

For information about booking or press inquiries, contact

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Cards Against Humanity Online

The darkly hilarious card matching game ‘Cards Against Humanity‘ is now online! If you just can’t get enough of Cards Against Humanity (CAH), get yourself to Decks Against Society, the official, unofficial digital clone of CAH. Exemplifying the virtues of a creative commons license, CAH gives a deal of power to both game players (who can download the game for free online instead of paying for a physical copy) as well as content creators.


While not officially created by the CAH team, Decks Against Society makes full use of the creative commons license with their online multiplayer version of CAH. Decks Against Society features all the sames cards as CAH, while retaining the ability for users to create their own ‘custom cards.’

Now you can compete with (and offend) strangers and friends alike for free! You don’t even have to register with an email to play! (Though if you do, the site will keep track of your winning combinations and other game statistics for you to brag about.) Join a game today!

A fun side note: In line with the morbid humor inherent in CAH, the CAH team decided to RAISE prices of the game for Black Friday this year. Consumerism at its absolute finest.

100,000 Stars

A Google Chrome Experiment entitled 100,000 Stars creates an interactive world in which users can explore some of the more ‘local stars’ in the Milky Way Galaxy. The beautifully rendered universe provides information about 87 specific stars and plots the locations of more than 119,000 individual stars. The  experiments excels in illustrating the sheer amount of stars within the Milky Way and creating a true feeling of our presence in space, akin to Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot photo, or the classic powers of 10 video.While incredibly cool and fun to look at, the creators post a quick warning,

Warning: Scientific accuracy is not guaranteed. Please do not use this visualization for interstellar navigation.



[via Reddit]

Stairway to Heaven

Artist David McCracken sculpted this mend melting piece for the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Bondi, Australia. Titled Diminish and Ascend, the piece appears to be an infinite staircase rising into the heavens. Almost makes you want to just start walking and never look back.

[via Colossal]

What do your Facebook posts say about you?

If you took all your Facebook statuses, I mean ALL of them, even the high school classics like:

 “I don’t see why dudes feel the need to tell everyone on facebook that their goin’ to the gym every time they go to the gym. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood tho. Goin’ for a run to blow off steam.. bbl”

and compiled them into one big word soup, and then tried to make some new statuses out of them, What Would I Say would be the result. What Would I Say does exactly that. Each and every word you’ve posted in a Facebook status is jumbled all together, and spat out in an approximation of a sentence. The results are oddly insightful and unabashedly truthful.

Here are a few of my gems:



wwis3(channeling my inner drake)