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Regis Philbin Using Google Glass

Well it’s been a while but Toenail Clippings is back on the air, albeit on unsteady, unemployed feet. Rather than writing long winded TL;DR posts about archaeology, space, and whatever else, I’m gonna try and keep things short and sweet.

The new theme of this blog is: GOOD. I’ll be posting things that are generally considered good, at least by my standards (and I hope yours too). That includes: fantastic music (anything that makes us feel good/dance), good news (there are lots of bad things happening but that is not fun so why not talk about all the good stuff out there),  good products (helpful things/useful things/things that make people happy), and

Now here’s something good! Everyone in America knows and loves the adorable Regis Philbin, he’s basically America’s grandpa. And there’s nothing better than seeing old people try to use technology, so enjoy this fusion of old and new as Reeg tries out a Google Glass!

“Regis here, playing games with the Google!”

via WSJ