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Islands EP by Tokyo Hands

Today’s daily dance around the webosphere brought me a delightfully varied EP by Brighton Based producer Tokyo Hands. “Islands” delivers 5 tracks each with its own crisp packet of claps, snaps, synths, cymbals, and samples. ‘Down 4 U’ plays like a downtempo trap track with crispy bass and a synthpop heart. Other tracks like ‘Letters’ are reminiscent of vacuous sparkling caverns and a touch of Pokemon Snap, while ‘Rainforests’ delivers tropical flavors like a mango smoothie with a shot of vodka.

Enjoy this one folks.


‘Muppet Mash’ by Pogo

Australian producer Nick Bertke, better known as Pogo, is well known for his musical remixes of popular TV shows and movies. His style is defined by glitched-out, sample-sliced rhythms taken right from the sounds and scenes of the film.

His newest track uses clips and sounds taken from Sesame Street and other shows featuring the Muppets.

Pogo has worked closely with Disney and Pixar to produce music to accompany many of their classic and newer movies. Some of his more popular mixes include “Alice” (from Alice in Wonderland), “Toyz Noize” (from Toy Story) and “Squarebob Spongemix” (from Spongebob Squarepants). Many more of his videos can be found on his youtube channel.

Bonus: Check out this advertisement created by Pogo and Jeesh that uses sounds from LG appliances.

Bonus Bonus: Jaaam, a Fresh Prince of Bel Air Remix

[via Tastefully Offensive]

Sunday|Funday Playlist Vol. 1

Happy Sunday! Make the most out of the end of your weekend with our first ever Sunday|Funday playlist!

Each Sunday we’ll bring you a playlist that features a freshly roasted blend of new and classic boogie beats, disco delicacies, and all around fun music that will keep you moving as you stave off the Monday blues for one more day. Enjoy!


Bonus tracks: