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Cards Against Humanity Online

The darkly hilarious card matching game ‘Cards Against Humanity‘ is now online! If you just can’t get enough of Cards Against Humanity (CAH), get yourself to Decks Against Society, the official, unofficial digital clone of CAH. Exemplifying the virtues of a creative commons license, CAH gives a deal of power to both game players (who can download the game for free online instead of paying for a physical copy) as well as content creators.


While not officially created by the CAH team, Decks Against Society┬ámakes full use of the creative commons license with their online multiplayer version of CAH. Decks Against Society features all the sames cards as CAH, while retaining the ability for users to create their own ‘custom cards.’

Now you can compete with (and offend) strangers and friends alike for free! You don’t even have to register with an email to play! (Though if you do, the site will keep track of your winning combinations and other game statistics for you to brag about.) Join a game today!

A fun side note: In line with the morbid humor inherent in CAH, the CAH team decided to RAISE prices of the game for Black Friday this year. Consumerism at its absolute finest.