52 Shades of Greed: The Kings and Queens of the Economic Downturn

Last year in September, Alternative Banking – a group dedicated to creating transparency and educating citizens about the financial industry – teamed up with NYC artists to create a deck of playing cards that showed the faces of those most responsible for financial crisis to the public. The cards were distributed in Zuccotti Park on the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

The group is now working to produce a new deck, intended to create the opposite effect. Keep on the lookout for 50 Shades of Progress.

50 shades of greed

Goldman Sachs, art by Denman RookeDick “Gorilla” Fuld, art by Tim Paul

Where the 52 Shades of Greed deck offered editorial illustrations of everything from the “bad guys” of the financial crisis to harmful legislature and accounting tricks, the second deck will focus on solutions, alternatives, and steps everyone can take to begin to clean up our current economic environment, and to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 52 Shades of Progress will include illustrations of the heroes who have stood up for Main Street, opportunities for direct action, crucial legislation, innovative economic thinking, ground-breaking social projects, and more.

Ben Berneke, art by Jonathon Calugi

Mary Schapiro, art by John Lee


The 50 Shades of Greed deck can be purchased on its website.

[via visualnews]

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