Week 4

Another week of digging in the field complete! We spent this week still looking for rocks and things that could provide us some information about where the foundation was. We finally found them around Thursday-and there were plenty. We had lots and lots of massive rocks throughout our whole unit through multiple levels making the troweling and digging going quite slow. Despite this, it was a pretty good week. I found  bone handle fork which was pretty awesome. I’m writing this almost 2 weeks late so I dont’t remember too much about the specifics of this week besides lots of digging. On Saturday we went to Nauvoo which is one of the earliest Mormon settlements in the US!  Tom and I walked to the glass blowing shop-probably a mile-only to find that it was closed-ooops. Oh well-we had fun. After that we all met up and went to the visitors center which had a statue of Jesus that plays a narration-very cool, and kinda creepy. The Mormons are very sneaky when trying to hook you with their religion, one second they’ll be telling you about a printing press-the next theyre talking about how Jesus should proofread your life. An fun day overall-even though we couldnt go into the temple, it was beautiful from the outside. The town of Nauvoo itself was kinda cool-lots of private residents living in this community but up near the temple was a cool town with a fudge shop, art gallery, etc, lots of stuff. Sunday we washed artifacts for probably 3hrs or so-we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Clue-it was a good way to pass the time. Next week is our last week of digging-almost halfway there!

Oh! I did a little light painting with my camera this week-I’m a pseudo artist!

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