Week 3 recap, beginning of Week 4

3 weeks down 7 to go! The third week was a hot one, all the days were at least 85 and sunny but it was a great week in terms of the work we got done. We opened up unit 17, which is adjacent to the trench we’ve been working on. With this unit we were attempting to find evidence of where the foundation wall was by looking for a soil change. There was a slight one at the bottom of level A3(about 1.5ft down) right at the western edge of the unit, but other than that, the soil below the plow zone was mostly sterile and devoid of significant artifacts. Again, the western edge proved to be an exception and it contained some artifacts through the levels. This led us to believe that the foundation is right at the bulk between units 17 and 16. This week we’ll be examining the border further. Probably about Wednesday of last week I noticed that there was a soil change at the bottom of level A2( levels are broken into arbitrary half foot depths unless there is a depositional change). The soil change was circular and in the SE corner of the unit. After digging into the next level we saw that the color change extended and we were able to identify it as a posthole feature!! This is probably evidence that the household possessed a porch and this was where the residents had dug down to place a post to support the porch.Here’s a picture:

See that dark soil in the center of the pedestal? That’s the posthole!

Anyway, that was exciting. Kati and Annelise removed the rubble pile that was dominating unit 15. It contained a wealth of artifacts including ceramics, a CIVIL WAR BUTTON!!, some chain links, lots of bottle fragments and more. It’ll be interesting to examine all these in the lab.

On Saturday I went to St. Louis with Liz, Shawn, Kaila, and Antoinette. We had a fantastic time seeing the arch, the zoo, and city museum. Some pics will be included in the slideshow at the end of this post. The arch was interesting…….considering I got a $125 fine for creating a dangerous situation.

I’ll explain: So I had my pocketknife in my bag before I went through the security check and I saw a sign that said no weapons. So logically I didnt want to bring my knife in. So I hid mine and Liz’s knife under a sandbag outside the museum figuring we’ll get it on the way out. After going through the museum and things at the arch we go to leave and I go to grab our pocketknives-as I’m about to put them in my pocket a ranger comes up behind me and informs me: YOU JUST BROKE THE LAW! ……..I did???? Apparently hiding the knives there created a dangerous situation because a kid or something could’ve found them…..so he wrote me a ticket that I have to pay or I could go to court!! Woo!!! Hindsight is 20/20.

The rest of the day was awesome-lots of animals at the zoo, and City Museum was just insane. City museum is like a jungle gym for adults and children. Located inside-and outside- of an old shoe factory (I think) it has caves and staircases to explore and climb, a thrift store, an arcade, two event rooms(there were wedding receptions going on when we went). You could climb explore and do whatever you want to your heart’s desire. There’s even a ferris wheel on the roof. Pics are coming too.

Today was the first day of week 4 and I cleared some more of the rubble pile and found some beautiful pieces of a glass pitcher. The afternoon was raining on and off creating frustration for all. But it was cool weather and a nice day overall. I’ve taken to writing haikus about the afternoons out in the field. Here’s today about the rain:

Trickster eternal

It taunts, it angers, it saves

Make haste! Here comes the rain!

This week should be fun considering it’s supposed to be similar weather all week, We’ll see!

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