1st Weekend and First Day of Week 2

So it’s Monday May 30th now. Today was HOT. I’d have to say around 90, thank breezus for the wind we had throughout the day. This week I start with Team Y, which is Geoscience. I’ll be looking at dirt for a whole week! Not quite as exciting as excavating but it’s good to learn how to lay out grids and useful to understand soil. I’m working under the supervision of Kat Rocheford who is attempting to use soil to determine land use and distinguish between modern and period agricultural activities. We’ll be doing soil sampling looking at texture, color, whatever artifacts we might find in the probe, among other properties.

After lunch we walked to the McWorter cemetery to look at the few remaining gravestones left. It was neat to see where the man who started it all was buried. It wasn’t so neat to walk through tall grass and get some sort of heat/grass/allergy rash on my legs (and also on my face I noted when I got a chance to look in a mirror). Hoping that stuff goes away and really hoping I dont get poison ivy or something similar.

The weekend was great though. Friday night we all celebrated Kaila and Kati’s birthdays with some drinks and what was apparently the first dance party here at the New Philadelphia Field School lodging. Saturday we made a 2 or 2 1/2 hour drive to Cahokia. Cahokia is the largest prehistoric mound complex in North America. After touring their visitor center which was loaded with artifacts and information, we made our way to Monk’s Mound. The tallest mound in the complex, it overlooks what is now a wide park-esque ground covered with grass but it used to be a large central plaza where large gatherings were held and games were played. Very exciting. You can see St. Louis and the arch from the top so that was fun too. Sunday we just relaxed and hung about. I went to see Hangover 2 with Tom, Antoinette, Miriam, and Shawn. Not as good as the first, but still funny. I won two things from the crane machine so I’m pretty proud. Came back and watched Scott Pilgrim and played some pool. Last night we spent some time looking at stars and just enjoying the nighttime outdoors. Lots of frogs and bugs. A nice Sunday before today’s harsh reality.

Ok. Bye.

Pics in this gallery include some graves from the McWorter cemetery, some artifacts from Cahokia, a shot from the bottom of Monk’s Mound, St Louis from Monk’s Mound, a piece of glass that says ‘apothecarie’ on it, a crane that I thought was cool. I think thats it.

Oh. That artifact that is a toe? It’s actually a pipe!

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