Today was the first day I was actually upset to come in from the field. I think that is a good sign. Finally, after three days, I got to uncover some artifacts!! We removed the rest of the backfill and cleaned up the site before finally proceeding to trowel off the the top layer of soil.

The squares we were doing were essentially bisecting the basement of Louisa McWorters house. Last year the field school had established where the foundation was, and now we’re looking into the basement itself. The ground was rich with artifacts!! We found so many exciting things including (but not limited to): what used to be a shoe (meaning we found some leather and eyelets), a lot of glass including bottlenecks which are useful for identifying time periods because the style of the necks and methods for making bottles change over time, large amounts of stoneware (or earthenware, but I’m pretty sure stone), pieces of mason jars, some cool looking metal stuff, and tons more. The only bad thing, I’m rotating where I work so I wont be back at this specific site for another two weeks. Bummer. The rest of the people better not take all the good stuff. In addition, the weather was perfect-65 and sunny, slight breeze-I couldnt have asked for a better day.

Tomorrow we go to Cahokia so thats super exciting. We’re all becoming pretty close fast so everything is looking up. It’s friday so that means time to relax/party tonight. Fun times all around.

Here are some pics of the site and of artifacts we found.

Ill give descriptions of the pics another time-were celebrating Kati and Kaila’s birthdays!!

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