Day 1

So its technically not my first day in Pike County Illinois, I’ve been here since Monday, but we didn’t do too much yesterday except meet people and all the orientation business.

Today was the first day we went out to the field. No digging yet unfortunately. We did a lot of surveying and plotting the points of various blocks of land for future data collection. We would have removed backfill from unfinished proveniences dug last year, but we spent a lot of time trying to figure out where they were because the data about the points were skewed, or off, or something….we still dont really know what happened. Today was really about getting familiar with the site, where things were, how the schedules went and things. Other groups were digging in another part of the site, but I didnt get to go over there.

Today I learned a lot about how to use a transit, essentially a surveyors tool, to ‘shoot’ points with an INVISIBLE LASER BEAM. Kinda neat. We also used long tape measures to find the corners of the various lots. We knew the lots were 60×120 but we used the pythagorean theorum to find hypotenuses and to basically triangulate the points. So that was fun.

There were/are a lot of bugs, mostly tick and gnats. Apparently they dont like vanilla so I was using a wonderful combination of pure vanilla extract and then some stuff from the store which also smelled like vanilla. I was sticky but I smelled damn good and at least it kept the bugs away. Thats it for now, gotta shower and eat dinner. Its thunderstorming. I saw a lot of stars last night. I think I’m going to do a time lapse of some crops that are growing outside the house. Theyre either corn or soybeans- I need to ask Andy the owner. By the way, THIS HOUSE IS AWESOME. My bedroom has two beds, a couch, a tv, stereo system, fridge, sink, and more. I honestly think I got the best room in the house after seeing everyone else’s. Pics of the house and assorted things to come soon enough.

Ok Bye.

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